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Welcome to Fusion Fitness, where the Pacific Islands' vibrant culture meets heart-pounding workouts. Discover how to get fit while having fun!

About Fusion Fitness.


What is it?

Fusion Fitness is a high energy, full body dance workout that fuses modern music with traditional Cook Islands Ura. It's an exciting and unique way to get in shape while experiencing the vibrant culture of the Pacific Islands. 


What does it include?

During the class participants can expect to perform a range of movements that are inspired by the traditional dances of the Cook Islands, such as the fast-paced hip-shaking movements of the drum dance or the graceful swaying of the hips. These movements are combined with modern beats and rhythms, creating a high-energy and exhilarating atmosphere that is sure to get participants moving and grooving.


Who can participate?

Fusion is perfect for events and functions where people want to have fun while getting fit. It’s an excellent choice for team building activities, fundraising events, and celebrations of all kinds. The vibrant and upbeat nature of the class makes it popular for fitness studios, gyms, and even outdoor festivals..

Expect to burn a few hundred calories and leave with a serious dose of serotonin.

No matter what level of fitness or skills, its fun for everyone.

It's exercise, in disguise.

Aside from Fusion Fitness being a unique and fun way to get fit, the class has a number of benefits...

Discovering the beauty of

Cook Island Ura

Cook Islands 'ura is a traditional dance that originated in the Cook Islands. It is a highly energetic dance that involves rhythmic movements of the hips and hands and is typically performed to the beats of a fast-paced drum.


'Ura is an expression of cultural identity and a celebration of the island's history, storytelling, and mythology. It is often performed during special occasions such as weddings, festivals, and other significant events.

The Cook Islands is a small country located in the South Pacific Ocean, comprised of fifteen islands scattered across a vast oceanic region. It is situated northeast of New Zealand and southwest of Tahiti. The country is a self-governing nation that is in free association with New Zealand. This means that the Cook Islands has its government and political system, but New Zealand provides assistance and support in areas such as defense and foreign affairs.

The Cook Islands are known for their breathtaking natural beauty, warm culture, and fantastic beaches. The islands are renowned for having crystal-clear waters, which provide the perfect conditions for snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming. They also have some of the most beautiful coral reefs, which provide stunning underwater views.

The islands have a population of around 18,000 people, with the primary language being Cook Islands Maori. English is also widely spoken. The culture of the Cook Islanders is very welcoming, with a strong emphasis on family values and community. Their traditional music and dance are an integral part of their culture, and visitors can enjoy watching their traditional dance performances.

Tourism is the primary industry in the Cook Islands, with most visitors coming to enjoy the beaches and the underwater beauty. The government has worked hard to preserve the natural beauty of the islands, and there are strict regulations in place to prevent overdevelopment that would harm the environment.

In conclusion, the Cook Islands is a stunningly beautiful country that has managed to preserve its unique culture and environment. It provides an excellent destination for travelers looking for a relaxing holiday in a natural setting with a warm culture and welcoming people. It remains a hidden gem in the Pacific that is waiting to be explored.

A closer look into

Cook Island's

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